These two reptilian babes are taking each other on in this special Women in Horror Recognition Month edition of Monster Smackdown. Who will...

Special WiHM Monster Smackdown: The Reptile versus Medusa

These two reptilian babes are taking each other on in this special Women in Horror Recognition Month edition of Monster Smackdown. Who will be the victor? A once beautiful maiden cursed by the gods or the daughter of a mad scientist?

Lethality: The Reptile packs a pretty powerful bite. Her victims die within minutes, foaming at the mouth as their flesh turns black with her venom. She racks up a body count in the small village of Clagmoor Heath in Cornwall where locals blame the rash of deaths on the Black Plague. While the Reptile's venom is powerful, she still needs to get close to sink her fangs into her victim.

Medusa can literally turn her victims to stone with a glance. Medusa was once a beautiful maiden who defiled Athena's temple by having an affair with Poseidon. In revenge, Athena transformed Medusa's hair into writhing snakes and made her face so horrible to look upon that it would turn onlookers to stone. Medusa's lethality is more powerful than poison, and she only has to wait for a glance to seal her victim's fate. Winner: Medusa

Looks: Depending on which version you see, Medusa's appearance can range from that of a horrible beast to an outright babe. In classical sculpture she is depicted as a beautiful woman with a writhing head of snakes for hair. This depiction of Medusa's beauty might hark back to her origin story as the most ravishing maiden in the land before she angered Athena.

The Reptile is a different story. With her goggling eyes, scaly skin and giant fangs, she is far more terrifying to look upon even though it won't turn you to stone. Winner: The Reptile

Personality: The Reptile is all hiss and bite. She doesn't make polite conversation and we never get to know her background. Is she the product of a horrible scientific experiment or a freak of nature? It's hard to feel sorry for her when all she wants to do is plunge her fangs into your jugular.

Medusa has the whole hell-hath-no-fury thing going on as ravished maiden turned monster. She is the ultimate femme fatale and if looks could kill.....well you know the rest. Winner: Medusa

And the Winner is Medusa! Proving it takes killer looks and personality to win a fight.


  1. Well as far as make up goes I'd have to say Ol'Medusa's won this bout.

  2. Hey Monster Scholar-Jeanette
    I stumbled onto your site and LOVE it! I think I found a kindred spirit. Your blog rocks, it's great to find another female who uses critical thinking when approaching the sublime and wonderful world of the Horror genre.

    With admiration
    Joey- Monster Girl