I have the privilege  today of letting you know about a little gem of a film that might just change the way you see vampires in modern cinem...

Carry on my Midnight Son

I have the privilege  today of letting you know about a little gem of a film that might just change the way you see vampires in modern cinema. Despite its current popularly, the vampire has been on a recent down slope as evidenced by parodies like Vampires Suck or Transylmania, that take aim at the more sparkly members of the vampire race. But never fear vampire fans, Midnight Son is here to give vampires their bite back

Looking at the trailer, the film follows the life of Jacob who works as a security guard by night because of a rare skin disease that prevents him from going out during the day. In addition to this solar sensitivity, Jacob has gotten a hankering for the red stuff. At first he is able to satisfy this unnatural thirst with animal blood, but then he moves on to a human vintage.

Jacob meets a local bartender named Mary and is lovestruck, but his thirst for blood might keep them apart as authorities focus in on Jacob as the main suspect in a string of murders. Mary has her own problems, a coke addiction, that is mirrored by Jacob's need for a more grisly fix. Vampirism as an addition is a theme we've seen before in movies like Blade, but Midnight Son comes at it from a grittier, more urban angle.

This movie reminds me so strongly of Romero's vampire indie-flick Martin, which likewise challenged the then commonplace image of the vampire as a supernatural protagonist. Martin is little more than a boy who, tortured by an overly religious uncle, believes he is a vampire and proceeds to suck the life out of anyone within reach. This includes a pair of hobos,a girl on a train and a couple in a home invasion.

There is also nothing sexy or romantic about Martin's late night binges, and it looks like Midnight Son is primed to go that route. Jacob is not a powerful mythical figure, if anything he is weakened by his body's need for human blood. As far as I can tell, he doesn't have any of the usual powers associated with vampire-dom--speed, mind-reading etc. Midnight Son seems to throw all that schlock out the window along with any lingering superstitious religious nonsense like crosses or garlic. This is evident as Jacob holds a cross medallion to his face in front of a mirror that gives us a definite reflection.

Midnight Son is part of trend that explores the vampire as something biological rather than supernatural. Jacob doesn't know what made him what he is and his condition is treated as a disease by his concerned doctor. The crux of Jacob's problem seems to be in accepting his viscous nature, a conflict that is sure to promise blood by the gallons.

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