Now that we’ve entered 2010. it’s time to put together the list of horror-esque films I’m looking forward to in the New Year. Daybreakers...

Films to Look Forward to in 2010

Now that we’ve entered 2010. it’s time to put together the list of horror-esque films I’m looking forward to in the New Year.

Daybreakers (January 5)
I’ve been jonesing for a vampire fix ever since the second season of True Blood ended. Set in a world where everyone is a vampire and the human race is dwindling, Ethan Hawke is a hematologist desperately trying to develop a blood substitute to keep legions of undead from turning into bat-like monsters. Willem Defoe plays the leader of an underground band of humans who have discovered the cure for vampirism and want to bring humanity back from the brink of extinction.

Legion (January 22)
God is fed up with mankind’s B.S. and instead of flood or fire, he sends a flock of angels to exterminate the human race. But the archangel Michael isn’t down with God’s plan and he falls to earth, trading in his wings for a couple of sub machine guns. He then heads to the Paradise Falls Diner and Truck Stop to protect Charlie, a pregnant waitress whose unborn child is the only hope for mankind’s survival.

Frozen (February 5)
According to Brad Miska of Bloody, this film will do for skiing what Jaws did for swimming. A group of care free snowboarders are in for a horrific ordeal when they get stranded in a chairlift on their way to their last run. As the lights go out they realize that they’ve been forgotten and ice cold panic fills their veins as they hang forty feet above the frozen slopes. To make matters worse the ski resort is closed until next weekend and the trio face the possibility of frostbite, hypothermia and starvation if they wait to be rescued.

The Wolfman (February 12)
After numerous cancelled release dates, The Wolfman remake is finally hitting theaters. Benicio del Toro plays Lawrence Talbot, a tormented nobleman who returns to his family estate in search of his missing brother. Talbot left his home town of Blackmoor the night his mother died and vowed never to return, but at the urging of his brother’s fiancé Gwen, he returns to hunt the creature connected with his brother’s disappearance. While I’m put off by the use of digital effects in the Wolfman’s transformation, the Victorianist in me will not let me miss it.

Shutter Island (February 19)
A US Marshal played by Leonardo DiCaprio looks into the escape of a violent female inmate from Shutter Island, an island hospital for the criminally insane (think Arkham Asylum meets Alcatraz). But as DiCaprio delves into the mystery of the woman’s disappearance, he is drawn deeper into a spiraling intrigue of madness and the patients warn him to get out before he finds himself an inmate of the facility.

The Crazies (February 26)
A remake of George Romero’s film of the same name, The Crazies takes place in the idyllic town of Ogden Marsh where a pathogen is turning quiet citizens into bloodthirsty killers. One man storms a basketball game with a loaded shotgun while another sets his house aflame after locking his wife and child inside. It falls to Sheriff David Dutten to figure out the cause of the violence and lead a small pack of survivors out of town.

Alice in Wonderland (March 5)
This is not Disney’s Alice in Wonderland and like anything coming from the mind of Tim Burton, it’s sure to be a macabre and fantastical ride. Alice returns to a dystopia of Wonderland that’s been overrun by the evil Red Queen played by Helena Bonham Carter. Alice meets the Mad Hater and becomes the champion of the White Queen in the battle to restore Wonderland.


  1. These all look pretty good. I think I may go broke buying movie theater tickets this year.

  2. Ditto. This year has some great movies in store. I can feel it...

  3. Im also lookin forward to Solomon Kane, The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus (which I havent seen yet!! dammit!)

    Im jonsing for Daybreakers as well. It looks like the Spierig Bros. had an I am Legend film in mind, then they saw Will Smiths film and thought, we can still do it! That wasnt Richard Mathesons novel!

    But they decided to do their own thing with it which is great. I love these two directors! I mean they made Undead for a measly million! With their home computer!

    Now we get to see what they can do with a real budget.

  4. You've won an award :D