There has been a veritable outbreak of horror blogging awards across the web and I too have caught the bug! The way these awards work are th...

Awards, Awards and more Awards!

There has been a veritable outbreak of horror blogging awards across the web and I too have caught the bug! The way these awards work are that once you get it you pass on the love. As one blogger put it, it’s like chainmail but less annoying and these awards replicate faster than the viral videotape from the Ring.

First up, I received the One Lovely Blog award from Al Bruno III, at The Wit and Werdness of Al Bruno III. Al Bruno III has the distinct honor of being the first person to follow my blog…ever! and I thank him for putting his faith in me from the start.

But that’s not all, I’ve also been bestowed the Fantastically Frightening Blog Award from B-Sol of the Vault of Horror and BJ-C of Day of the Woman, the Ozzie and Harriet of the horror blogging community who I have looked up to since I first started blogging. Here’s what they had to say about Monster Land:

The Most Impeccably Beautiful Blog: Monster Land has such a neat Wordpress layout that my job currently uses it for their official company website. Plus, Monster Scholar is just that, a scholar of the genre, and writers with unparalleled style and grace.--VoH

The Blog who's layout could kick your layout's ass: MONSTER LAND! Jeanette is one hell of a horror writer and her blog is one of my favorites to read, but everytime I go to her site I seriously feel like my blog is the most bootleg looking thing on the planet. Patrick Bateman has the perfect business card, she has the perfect blog layout. My even has moving articles.--DotW

So in the interests of horror blogdom I am bestowing a second round of Necronomicon Awards to the following ten blogs:

Fascination with Fear: One of the premier female bloggers writing about the genre today, your horror host Christine writes about horror with a no nonsense attitude. Like a good gore hound, I look forward to her wonderful showcase Sunday Bloody Sunday every week and love her series of Holy Shit! Endings.

Chuck Norris Ate My Baby: Wondering who ate your baby? Maybe it was Chuck Norris. With a name like that this blog has to be good, right? Wrong! It’s better than good it’s great! As a lover of monsters I appreciate this blog’s astute picks for Monster of the Week

Hayes Hudson's House of Horror: This alliterative blog is an up and comer and it was love at first sight when I glimpsed the banner that features an iconic horror image from the film Suspiria. Hayes embraces anything having to do with the horror genre including a film called Bikini Samurai Squad.

Horror Crypt: This gal has got it going on! I love her scathing rants (including the one on Paranormal Activity) and her weekly survival tips will keep you from dying via zombie apocalypse or masked killer.

The Screamstress: This blog has the news edge other horror blogs don’t. Mix that together with the author’s signature sass and wit and you have one of the best blogs for horror on the net.

my new plaid pants: Can you say prolific? JA of MNPP posts everyday if not several times a day. When I asked him the secret to his endless stream of content on everything from horror to pop culture he finally confessed to being a vampire. Check out his Thursday’s Ways Not to Die and you will not be disappointed.

PLANET OF TERROR!!: As the only horror blogger in my neck of the woods, I have a soft spot for this metal fiend turned horror blogger. Metal horns up!

The Horror Digest: This girl and her awesome blog are the cutest thing that ever happened to horror. Proof that you can be feminine, love cats an still talk shop about horror without batting an eyelash. She may also be the sister from another mister of BJ-C from Day of the Woman. A DNA test is pending.

The Gore-Gore Girl: A fellow academic getting her PhD in porn, the Gore Gore Girl does thoughtful analysis on action movies, horror and porn.

The Lightning Bug's Lair: From exploitation to horror, the Lightning Bugg has it all. Click and see.

Tower Farm Reviews: Tower Farms has never steered me wrong with their insightful and entertaining movie reviews.


  1. Awesome! Thank you so much for the kind words and that award is so great...I shall proudly display it on my blog for all to see!

  2. You rock Jeannette! Thank you so much! And we need to grab a beer or something. I'm STILL trying to get my butt in gear in doing a horror film fest in Dallas.

  3. Hahah! Love it! Thank you : )

    I'll let everyone know when the DNA results come back should be sometime next month....those dna labs are so backed up these days siiiigh!

  4. Thank you so much for bestowing this particular award on me - it's so cool!

    And wow, what nice things you had to say about my blog, I really appreciate it, considering I'm quite impressed with YOUR blog!
    Thanks again!!

  5. Thanks so much for the award! Best looking one so far!!

    I am having a problem getting it on my blog though. When I pull up the pic of the award, and go to page source, it isn't giving me the HTML info in order to put it on my blog...any helpful tips or ideas?

  6. Thanks so much for the award, you are a gentlewoman and (obviously) a scholar.

  7. Matt,
    No problem man. You had me at Robo geisha.

    Definitely. I do have the gift of getting stuff done, or so I'm told. So let me know when you want to have a pow wow.

    I'm glad the feeling's mutual :)

    Save the picture to your desktop then upload it to your picasa account on Google. Then right click on the image, scroll to properties and it should give you the address.

    I am humbled by your praise. I've never been called a gentle-anything