Thanks to a close friend with a working VCR, I am once again enjoying True Blood episodes. It’s been a while, but the series is just as com...

Vampires, Shifters and Maenads, Oh My! A Complete Guide to the Creatures of True Blood

Thanks to a close friend with a working VCR, I am once again enjoying True Blood episodes. It’s been a while, but the series is just as compelling as ever and my renewed taste of True Blood has inspired me to do a who’s who of the creatures and humans that inhabit Bon Temps.

The Supes

Eric Northman- The sheriff of area nine, Eric is the owner of Fangtasia, a vampire themed bar in Shreveport where people can go to gawk at the undead. Eric is Bill’s superior and often calls on Sookie, as Bill’s human, to use her telepathic abilities though, as this season has revealed, his interest in her might be more than strictly business.

Bill Compton- Nearly 200 years old, Bill is a vampire who moves to Bon Temps to occupy his former family estate. Once there, he meets Sookie and the two have a whirlwind romance, with Bill intrigued by Sookie’s ability to read minds and Sookie thankful she doesn’t have filter out Bill’s thoughts. Bill is a mainstream vampire who refuses to feed on humans and instead prefers TruBlood, a Japanese synthetic blood product to satisfy his thirst.

Jessica Hamby- Jessica was created by Bill when Sookie killed a vampire who was stealing from Fangtasia in self defense. The vampire council decided Bill’s punishment would be to make another vampire. When she’s being terrorized by the undead, Jessica seems like a nice enough girl, but once she turns into a vampire, all she wants to do is party and kill people. Jessica presents a major stumbling block in Bill and Sookie’s relationship when Bill fails to tell his girlfriend that he is now the proud papa of a new vampire. Jessica is currently dating Hoyt Fortenberry, a sensitive country boy who thinks she’s beautiful, with or without the fangs.

Lorena- Lorena turned Bill at the end of the Civil War when he made a stop at her house on his long journey back home. The immortal couple was together for mere centuries when Bill asked his maker to release him because he felt he could never love her. She comes back into Bill’s life to prevent him from helping Sookie when she’s captured by the Fellowship of the Sun.

Sookie Stackhouse- Sookie is the neighborhood telepath in Bon Temps and works at Merlotte’s, the local watering hole owned by Sam. She has the ability to hear other peoples’ thoughts, a skill that has made her personal life difficult until she meets Bill. Sookie cannot hear Bill’s thoughts since he’s one of the undead, which bodes well for their relationship. Unfortunately, her telepathic ability makes her an asset to Eric who often involves her in vampire business.

Sam Merlotte- Sam is a shifter and the owner of Merlotte’s, the best bar and eating house in Bon Temps. After his relationship with Tara ends he pursues Daphne, a pretty young thing who comes to work for him as a waitress. Sam can shift into any animal he pleases but his form of choice is a dog, which he used to follow Sookie around at Bill’s request in season one.

Daphne- Daphne is a shifter with long, twisted scars on her back from an attack by Maryann. Despite this abuse, Daphne has been brainwashed by Maryann into thinking the maenad is the next best thing to God. Daphne is the one who tells Sam that all Maryann wants is for Sam to give her control.

Maryann Forrester- The ancient handmaiden of Dionysus, Maryann is an ages old maenad who feeds on powerful emotions like lust and wrath. She throws one hell of a party and vibrates as she possesses the humans around her, driving them to acts of extreme violence or passion. Maryann is after Sam because supernaturals have an inherent immunity to her power and she wants him to willingly submit to her control.

The Humans

Jason Stackhouse- The brother of Sookie Stackhouse, Jason is a ladies man who finds God after his girlfriend is killed for trafficking with vampires. He joins the Fellowship of the Sun, a faith based anti vampire organization, but can’t escape temptation and has an affair with the leader’s young wife, Sarah Newlin. But Jason has bigger fish to fry when Sarah’s husband, Steve finds out who Jason’s sister is.

Eggs aka Benedict Tally- Eggs is Maryann’s housemate and like Tara, is one of the many people she has collected over the years. Eggs and Tara are involved in a relationship and unknowingly take part in one of Maryann’s orgies. Maryann later possesses Eggs and uses him to kill Daphne.

Tara Thornton
- Sookie’s best fried, Tara struggles with her fears of becoming like her alcoholic mother. She pays a healer named Miss Jeanette to give her an exorcism in season one, only to find out it was all a scam. She used to date Sam but their relationship fell apart when Tara went to live with Maryann after the maenad bailed her out of jail.

Lafayette Reynolds- The always fabulous Lafayette is back as the fry cook at Merlotte’s, after an extended sabbatical as a prisoner in Eric’s basement. Lafayette was a dealer of vampire blood whose source was kidnapped and murdered by Jason and his V-addicted girlfriend in season one.

Arlene Fowler
- A mother of two, Arlene has the worst luck with men and ends up dating the psycho who’s been killing women because of their connection to vampires in season one. A waitress at Merlotte’s, she’s now dating Terry Bellefleur and fears she may have had her way with him when she blacked out at Maryann’s shin dig.

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  1. I am a big fan of this show - but for some reason I am infatuated by party girl, Maryann. I want to see All Maryann All The Time - and then, just to break the monotony, I want to see Jason and Eggs shirtless, and Sam in his tight jeans...oh god, I can't believe I just said that.

    Serioulsy, great show.

  2. Maryann needs her own spin off, "Maryann the Maenad" It could be like Friends or Mork and Mindy, but with more orgies.

    And yes Jason and Eggs are the eye candy of the show, I wonder when Sam will get to be shirtless this season.