Take a gander at the new poster released by Momentum Pictures for their upcoming feature, Dorian Gray. Though a US release date has not been...

New Two-Faced Poster for Dorian Gray

Take a gander at the new poster released by Momentum Pictures for their upcoming feature, Dorian Gray. Though a US release date has not been confirmed, the film will open in the UK on the 9th of September 2009.

The poster effectively melds the man and the monster. The ruined side of Dorian's face is supposed to imitate the flaking canvas of the ruined portrait that bears the brunt of his decadence in startling contrast to his eternal youth.

But as one user at EmpireOnline pointed out, the effect can be somewhat hokey--"Finally...a film about eczema!!! " Offering my own critique, I would have liked for them to do something more with his hair.

It seems odd that the canvas effect would be limited only to his face, and a shock of white could have gone a long way to balance the effect. That is not to say I would want something a la Harvey Two Face, and perhaps that's something the designers of this poster were seeking to avoid.


  1. I was directed here from I Love Horror. And am very pleased to see that Twatlight is officially not a horror film. You just made a lousy day better!
    I'll enjoy adding this to my list of horror-themed blogs that I stalk.

  2. MonsterScholar: I'm so not impressed. Looks like their trying to hedge their bets and make the currupt Dorian kinda cool so not to scare the little girls off. They are so shooting for a twilight feel. Have you ever seen the 1940's movie? That's how it's done. -- Mykal

  3. I am approaching this Dorian Gray with some trepidation. For one thing, couldn't an actor have been found who actually fit Wilde's description? Or has Hollywood suddenly suffered a dearth of pretty blonde boys?

    Sure would be nice to see an authentic Dorian Gray played by a talent with both the look and artistry to do the character justice. Say someone like Alexander Skargaard, for example.

  4. The more I see that poster the less I like what it says about the upcoming film (I've run into it all over the internet now - but saw it here first! Go Monster Scholar!). It's like they didn't want to muss his perfectly done hair. I have so little hope for this project. If you are going to do Dorian Gray, you have to approach the source material with respect. This looks to be strictly a Twilight wannabe. Should we even hope? -- Mykal

  5. I hear you, Mykal.

    I may have to steer clear of this film to keep Wilde's Dorian unadulterated in my head. Wilde's character retains the appearance of intelligence, purity, sophistication and beauty throughout the tale. If this poster is any indication, I'm seeing mostly vacuous, delinquent bad-boy.

    Naturally I don't expect total faithfulness from a film, but come on.

  6. Many thanks Lily.

    I honestly don't think I could see Alexander Skarsgard in the role. His brooding, bloodthirsty depiction of Eric in True Blood has pretty much ruined him for anything resembling purity or boyish innocence for me (and that's the way u-huh u-huh I like it). Ben Barnes on the other hand is fresh off Prince Caspian, a Disney film for crying out loud.

    I was also puzzled by the fact that others found the poster genuinely creepy. What is creepy about dry skin? I do agree that Hurd Hatfield was one of the best Dorians though I do have a soft spot for the Hammer version.