Dorian Gray Poster Extravaganza!


  1. Monster Scholar: I am loving this Dorian Gray poster theme, and every post pounds the stake a little deeper into the new version. I have not seen the Helmet Berger version (and after your endorsement went searching for it on Amazon), but am dying to. The Berger poster, I think, is my favorite. Now that displays an udnerstanding of the source material, what with skulls and dead cats composing the coperal being of the doomed Dorian.

    As for the latest verson, what can one say? It looks completely boring and generic. Why do all the children now feel they have to glare into the camera with that exact same look! And with the poster's eurotrash, goth trappings, could they have made it seem more like nothing special?-- Mykal

  2. Mykal,

    It's called the Zoolander effect. Haha