I recently picked up remake of The Fog on a lark, but it got me thinking about what other horror films capitalize on wicked weather phenomen...

Top 10 Weather-Related Horror Movies

I recently picked up remake of The Fog on a lark, but it got me thinking about what other horror films capitalize on wicked weather phenomenon. As the survivor of a week of triple digit temperatures here in Texas, I know that weather can be scary. So here they are, for better or worse, my Top 10 Weather-Related Horror Movies.

10. White-Out (2003) A group of teenagers go on a ski trip to Big Bear, California to participate in a snowboarding contest. But things turn foul as people start to disappear and when “xtreme players compete…the snow gets red.” Whatever that means.

9. Blood Tide (1982) Evil lurks in the ocean depths in this thriller starring James Earl Jones as Frye, a man who accidentally unleashes an ancient monster with a hunger for young virgins on a Grecian fishing town. Jones is able to subdue the monster in the film’s closing sequence, with a knife and some C-4. Kaboom.

8. S
now Day, Bloody Snow Day (2005) This zombie comedy is set in Seattle where residents, besieged by a sudden snowstorm, have to fight for their lives against newly risen zombies. A group of film geeks must stand against the legions of the undead and save Seattle before it’s too late. What do you do when there's snow more room in hell? Apparently you make a low budget horror comedy.

7. Frost (2004) Released as Killed by Frost in Switzerland, Frost begins with the murder of Anita, the police commissioner’s wife who is killed and dismembered in her bathtub. As Lieutenant Braque investigates her murder, he discovers an old hit and run case that could be at the center of Anita’s and a series of other murders around town.

6. Cyclone (1978) When an airplane goes down in a cyclone, the few remaining survivors find refuge on a small tour boat. But their ordeal is far from over as they are forced to do horrible things to survive, including drinking the blood of a Yorkshire terrier and eating the flesh of a dead passenger. When they are finally about to be rescued, their escape is thwarted by a band of hungry sharks. Cyclone, “a breathtaking story based on true fact”

5. Dust Devil (1992) A shape shifter comes from the desert in search of new victims to feed his appetite, preying on the lonely and destitute. Wendy, an abused woman who has just left her husband, is in a slump when she pulls over to pick up this hitchhiker from hell. Wendy’s time is running out as the local Sheriff tries to track down the killer before he can complete his mission.

4. Storm Warning (2007) Rob and Pia are a husband and wife that get lost in a heavy storm on a weekend boating trip. They take shelter in a seemingly abandoned house, only to discover that it is currently occupied by a bunch of weed-growing rednecks. The ruffians capture the couple and have no intention of letting them go alive, so Rob and Pia have to go to vicious lengths to survive their ordeal.

3. Wind Chill (2007) An unnamed young woman decides to try out her school’s Rideshare program and gets a ride with a male stranger back to her home in Delaware. The two get stuck on a lonely side road in the middle of a storm and are menaced by the specter of a rogue cop who has been killing people since the 1950s.

2. The Fog (2005) A remake of the 1980 film by John Carpenter, inhabitants of Antonio Island off the coast of Oregon are overcome by a dense fog that rolls in from the west. But the fog is not your average meteorological phenomenon, it’s the collected spirits of displaced lepers who were put out to sea and had their boats set on fire by the town’s founders. They’re back for revenge against the descendants of the big wigs who double crossed them and they’re not leaving until they get it.

1. The Mist (2007) Military scientists accidentally open a portal to a new dimension, and a mist filled with alien creatures engulfs a small town. Survivors hole up inside a supermarket, but soon learn they aren’t safe anywhere as mob mentality and a hellfire and brimstone evangelical woman takes control of the group.


  1. Kudos for repping Storm Warning!! Although I'm not sure how positively you felt about it seeing as you put it on the same list as The Fog remake...

  2. I haven't actually seen it yet, but the trailer looks good and the connection to weather served my purposes for this list ;)

  3. I need to see Cyclone...this sounds wonderful!