"She's special. She needs special food."--Madeline Matheson Grace I caught the trailer for this film on Fearnet.com . Grace...

Undying Love for Zombie Babies

"She's special. She needs special food."--Madeline Matheson Grace

I caught the trailer for this film on Fearnet.com. Grace plays around with fears about the relationship between mother and child that can sometimes turn from nurturing to parasitic. Madeline Matheson is in a car accident that causes her to miscarry her fetus, but decides to carry the child to term anyway. After giving birth to a stillborn baby in the bathtub, Madeline somehow wills the baby back to life. But her unnatural and undying love is not enough, and she soon discovers the horrible price of keeping little Gracie alive .

Grace capitalizes on the notion of children as parasites both inside and outside the womb. How many times have we heard mothers tell their older children "I've given you the best years of my life" as they complain about lost youth and their figures? These kinds of sacrifices are made into the subject of horror, as Madeline realizes what she must do (i.e. kill, dismember and liquefy human flesh) in order to feed her child. Grace is still making the rounds at film festivals with no word on when it will be in wide release.

The undead nature of Madeline's child brings to mind several other zombie children that have "graced" the silver screen. My favorites are the randy baby from Peter Jackson's Evil Dead, and the charming dead girl who takes a garden trowel to her mother's intestines in Night of the Living Dead.

Who are some of your favorite undead tots?


  1. Oh man, this looks like a great movie! I love zombie tots.

    I guess my all time fave will always be little Karen in NOTLD, not only was she nasty, she was one of the first zombies to use a tool to do her dirty work.

  2. Monsterscholar,

    Wow, I need to see this movie! My favorite indead baby is probably the tyke from Dead Alive..."Hyperactive".

  3. Does the larva that Geena Davis gives birth to in "The Fly" count? That scene continues to make me jumpy anytime I hear buzzing around the house.

    Nice site -- enjoying the reading!

  4. Billy,

    Just the thought gives me the willies! I don't know if they count, but the brood babies of Cronenberg's film were pretty creepy.