In Rob Zombie’s return take on the 70’s slasher, Michael Myers is still at large and just wants some quality time with his sister. Picking u...

Post Traumatic Horror: Rob Zombie's Halloween II

In Rob Zombie’s return take on the 70’s slasher, Michael Myers is still at large and just wants some quality time with his sister. Picking up where Zombie’s 2007 Halloween left off, the film follows Laurie Strode as she is rushed to the hospital with wounds inflicted by her brother a few hours earlier. She assumes that Michael is dead but in typical slasher style, Michael somehow lives and continues his murderous rampage on the hospital staff and anyone else unfortunate enough to get in his way.

The original remake of Halloween was criticized for its lack of directorial vision, as Zombie fell into the trap of making a “typical” remake that wasn’t up to par with his gritty style of horror. As a result it was dubbed in some circles as Rob Zombie’s John Carpenter’s Halloween, but that is a mistake Rob Zombie won’t make again. Though he admits to the challenge of working with characters and a story that were not his own in the first film, Halloween II is a second chance for Rob Zombie to craft the narrative on his own terms, with the failures of Halloween already under his belt.

Zombie is particularly interested in the effects that the traumas of the first film will have on the characters in this sequel, and by all accounts it seems Halloween II will be truer to the vision of the man behind the camera.


  1. Gee, I dunno. I approached Zombie's take on Halloween with an open mind, and was very disappointed. Michael's white trash family seemed like something out of a ... well, a Rob Zombie film. The entire back story of why little Mikey went nuts; well you sort of understood it, but what was the point? He was picked on as a kid, he loved his mother and his baby sister-everyone else had to die...because, well why? I preferred Carpenter and Hill's original idea; that for no apparent reason, Michael picks up a knife kills, and then sits out a dozen or so years and starts all over again. We don't need a reason, Michael is just evil.

    As for the survivors being damaged, well check out Halloween H20 - no, it was not perfect, but Jamie Lee Curtis' take as Laurie Strode the adult, nailed a woman dealing with post-traumatic-stress.

    And finally, having seen the teaser trailer for the H2, I noted that Michael's mother (yeah, more work for Sherry!) is egging him on ... shades of Mrs. Voorhees.

    I guess there really is nothing new under the sun. But that's just my take on it. I bet the sequel is going to make a gazillion bucks on it's opening weekend.

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  2. Though in the video Zombie says this new film will be "fresh" and like nothing fans have seen before, there is only so much you can do with a genre that is dominated by formulas and familiar plot lines. I like your observation of Sheri Moon Zombie's rendition of the mom a la Mrs. Voorhees and am interested to see where she goes with it.